Perception is reality.
Change your thinking.
Change your reality.

Delivering great software need not be complicated.

Technical Coaching

We strive to help others grow. To this end we sit with any level of technical staff and guide them through the process of discovering the best way to solve the problem at hand.

By keeping up to date with the latest technologies and trends, we are able to offer alternative lines of thinking and possible solutions for the product being developed.

We aim to leave behind an individual or team that is capable of training themselves, an automated test environment and a Continuous Delivery platform. This makes releasing software more predictable and allows for rapid response to change.

Enterprise / Solution / Software Architecture Consulting

An extra set of eyes on a proposed solution for an organisation always adds value.

Sometimes, internal agendas can get in the way of a quality solution or fear can cause the proposed solution to better line up with an individual's aspirations as opposed to the organisations aspirations.

We aim to provide honest, constructive feedback and at the same time participate in the design, while encouraging others inside the organisation to do the same. This grows the organisation’s capabilities.

Software Development Consulting

We can augment software development teams and bring our own experience to the table, getting stuck into the delivery of the of the product and becoming part of the team.

Whilst engaged, we strive to enable the team to grow and become Agile while we still produce deliverables with the team.