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Agile Team Coaching

Becoming Agile can sometimes be quite a daunting task when faced with situations previously not considered.

We offer a comprehensive knowledge base in Scrum and Kanban and when each one works better, every implementation is tailored to your needs.

Once we are finished, the team can then begin coaching other teams inside the organisation and help grow the Agile capability.

Continuous Delivery

Adding value to software products you have invested in rapidly is the key to remaining ahead of the competition in today's competitive markets.

By using disciplines like Continuous Delivery, your organisation can release small, high quality feature sets at a quicker rate than the big bang methodologies.

Being able to predict the deployment and roll back any failures quickly is a key ingredient in the Continuous Delivery discipline. Repeatable deployments reduce the stress and workload around deploying new features to your environment.

Delivery continually and predictably, enjoy life more.

Technical Debt Management

Often time pressures cause us to take short cuts. In an effort to delivery continually, we can't sit by waiting for new frameworks to stabilise, sometimes we need to quickly put something together to fill a gap.

Technical debt is incurred every time we make these decisions and needs to be managed. Putting rigorous automated tests in place and following good engineering practises allow us to come back and remove the debt with the optimal solution.

Time to market is imperative but we make sure that when it is time to 'grow-up' you need not reinvest in rebuilding the entire system but rather target a stepped approach, addressing the most valuable portions each time.