Forward thinking. Exploring new horizons. Innovating the way business gets done.

Exploring new ideas, innovating your business.

Proof Of Concepts

Often we have ideas but don't want to spend too much money figuring out if it will work. Proof of concepts are often approached from the perspective of developing the full blown system that can move from incubator to production at the flip of a switch.

We aim to help business identify the value proposition of the proof of concept and focus wholly on that as opposed to the peripheral system interactions. Once the proof of concept has been realised and the product owner is happy with the outcome, we help technical teams implement the production version of the system by sharing what we have learned and potentially engaging in the production Software Development Lifecycle.

Bleeding Edge

We believe that for every problem there is a solution. Often the problems facing software developers have been addressed by other software developers in a different context. We continually strive to keep up to date with the latest technology trends and as such, can offer thoughtful advice on any bleeding edge technologies your organisation might be considering using.

We also leverage off the wealth of experience available to us via collaborations with other software development firms, both locally and abroad.

Fail Fast

When contemplating new ideas it is best to try them and see what happens. By breaking down the idea into smaller portions, we can iteratively help you establish which ideas will fail and where they will fail.

By identifying the failure points quickly, your organisation can refine the idea and keep it moving forward. New ideas give you a strong competitive advantage in today's rapidly changing markets. Exploring these new ideas is key to the ongoing growth of your organisation.